• Drug Screening Facilities

    Our Drug Screening Facilities aim to establish a high-throughput screening platform for drug development. These facilities were initiated in Jan 2017, and started to provide services since Nov 2018. Current instruments are:· Plate Reader, MD Flexstation 3 · Plate Reader, BioTek Synergy Neo2 · ImageXpress Confocal System, Molecular Devices IXM-C · 4D-Nucleofactor System, Lonza · Delta Vision OMX SR Imaging System, GE · Imaging System, LI-COR Odyssey CLX

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  • Bio-organic Chemistry Facilities

    Bio-organic chemistry is a subject that studies the biological activities and mechanism of actions of organic compounds. Our Bio-organic Chemistry Facilities provide instruments and services that help investigating structure-activity relationship, revealing interactions between small molecules and protein targets, and elucidating compound mode of actions. Available instruments are:

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  • Material Chemistry Facilities

    The SKLAOC also focuses on applying our acquired synthetic methods to making novel organic material. Our Material Chemistry Facilities provide instruments and services to aid the design, theoretical analysis, property testing, and applications of organic synthetic material. Available instruments are:

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  • Synthetic Chemistry Facilities

    Two major research topics in the SKLAOC are natural product chemistry and organic synthetic chemistry. Natural product chemistry is a subject that studies the extraction, isolation, structure elucidation, biological activities, biosynthesis, and structure derivatization of secondary metabolites from living organisms. Organic synthetic chemistry is a subject that utilizes accessible chemical material to make organic molecules with desired structures and functions.

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