Bio-organic Chemistry Facilities

Bio-organic chemistry is a subject that studies the biological activities and mechanism of actions of organic compounds. Our Bio-organic Chemistry Facilities provide instruments and services that help investigating structure-activity relationship, revealing interactions between small molecules and protein targets, and elucidating compound mode of actions. Available instruments are:

·        Ultra Centrifuge, Hitachi CP100WX

·        Inverted Fluorescent Microscope, Leica DMI4000B

·        Plate Reader, Tecan Infinite 200

·        Flow Cytometer, BD Canto

·        Surface Plasmon Resonance Biacore X100 System

·        ITC, GE iTC200

·        Extracellular Flux, Seahorse xFP

·        FTIR, Bruker Tensor 27

·        qPCR, Agilent Mx 3005P

·        CD Spectrophotometer, OLIS DSM1000

·        UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, PerkinElmer, Lambda 950

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