Material Chemistry Facilities

The SKLAOC also focuses on applying our acquired synthetic methods to making novel organic material. Our Material Chemistry Facilities provide instruments and services to aid the design, theoretical analysis, property testing, and applications of organic synthetic material. Available instruments are:

·        Scanning Electron Microscope, Hitachi S-4800

·        Imaging Ellipsometer, Nanofilm EP3

·        Confocal Laser Raman Spectrometer, Renishaw inVia

·        Transmission Electron Microscope, Thermo Fisher Talos F200S

·        Atomic Force Microscope, Agilent 5400

·        Vacuum FTIR Spectrometer, Bruker VERTEX 70v

·        EPR Spectrometer, Bruker ER200DSRC10/12

·        X-ray Single Crystal Diffractometer, Agilent SuperNOVA

·        Elemental Analyzer, Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH vario EL cube

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